Hengshui Pingheng leveling instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research and development, production and sales of level bubble. It is mainly engaged in various specifications such as internal printing scale mark, universal level bubble and so on. It is widely used in surveying and mapping instruments, photoelectric instruments, measuring instruments, electronic weighing instruments and other industries. The products are sold well in China and favored by customers.

  Product introduction:

  Leveling bubble is an important work-piece in leveling survey, which is widely used, and its accuracy directly affects the results. Most of the existing universal level bubble scale marks are printed on the outside of the glass cover plate. In this way, due to the thickness of the glass cover plate, there will be visual error during observation, which will have a certain impact on the results. At the same time, because the scale mark is exposed on the outside, it will fall off for a long time in high salt fog area, resulting in waste of work pieces.

  After many experiments, the glass cover plate does not need high temperature ink, no high temperature, no stress change, and is not easy to break. By using high-precision nano printing technology, the universal level bubble has built-in scale mark, making it more beautiful, more durable and more accurate.

  Service concept:

  The company's business philosophy is science and technology-based, relying on first-class technology, first-class products, first-class services and international advanced level synchronization, in all fields at home and abroad to carry out a wide range of substantive win-win cooperation and common development. Over the years, we have been constantly exploring, researching and innovating. We are committed to developing and developing new products. We have organically combined modern new technology with traditional manufacturing technology. Our products have made great breakthroughs in both appearance and internal quality.

  Honesty and quality first is the company's principle of hospitality, and the company has a young and dynamic management group and professional technical team, committed to become the strongest professional manufacturer in the level bubble manufacturing industry. We strive to provide customers with the most professional, fastest and most perfect service with the first-class technology and technology, so as to be honest and trustworthy, keep improving and develop harmoniously.

  Why choose us?

  1. Industry pioneer, leading enterprise of high quality standard foam products

  Domestic high-tech enterprises of standard foam products, combining production with scientific research, have professional product R & D and testing center, advanced and first-class production and testing equipment. With many years of production experience, we have made a great breakthrough in the field of science and technology.

  2. Standard and novel detail design, fully meet the convenience of use

  Focus on high quality, low price, strictly grasp the details of standard bubble products, focus on detail design, constantly improve the design scheme, have strong technical force and first-class engineer team.

  3. Perfect after-sales service, professional customer service, comprehensive acceptance of customer problems

  Conscientious after-sales service to realize comprehensive and standardized integrated service. Regular customer return visit, communicate with customers through telephone, SMS, e-mail, etc., communicate with customers patiently and seriously, and listen to customers' opinions modestly

  Welcome customers to call to discuss business, establish long-term friendly and win-win cooperation!

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