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How to remove the level bubble?

        Level is a kind of precise measuring instrument, and the correct and reasonable use and safekeeping are of great benefit to the prolongation of the service life of the instrument. However, how to remove the level bubble? It is not recommended to remove the level bubble. It can be protected at ordinary times, and it can prevent shock and falling during normal use, ensure the cleanness of the glass window, and prevent dust from entering the shell.


  Precautions for using level bubble:

  1. Avoid aiming the telescope directly at the sun, which will damage your eyes and the internal components of the instrument;

  2. Each fine adjustment should be slightly rotated to avoid the influence of too much force on the measurement accuracy due to the loosening of the micro screw;

  3. Keep the lens and optical lens clean and do not touch them directly by hand, so as to avoid inaccurate observation and other problems;

  4. Clean the instrument after each use and place it in a dry and ventilated place.

  5. Pay attention to protect the working faces of the level meter from scratch, clean the old man's box after use, and do not put it in the place of high temperature or vibration. In the process of transportation, add shredded paper scraps or cotton yarn inside and outside the box to prevent damage caused by the vibration of the net.

  The level instrument is debugged in a professional position, and the industry standard is generally 0.5mm beyond seven meters, which can't be distinguished by human eyes. Moreover, even if the copper wire inside is moved by non professionals after disassembly, it may cause accuracy error. Not to mention accidentally broken. It is recommended to find professional personnel for disassembly of level bubble.