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How to use level bubble

The leveling bubble is a measuring instrument to check whether the installation surface or flat plate is horizontal, and to measure the inclination direction and angle. Its shape is used for the frame base made of high-grade steel. After precision processing, the frame base is flat. A curved glass tube is installed in the center of the seat surface or a small horizontal glass tube is attached at the left end. The tube is filled with ether or alcohol, and there is a small bubble in the tube forever At the highest point.


  There are bubbles on the glass tube, and there are scales at both ends. In general, when installing the machine, the sensitivity of the commonly used level bubble is 0.01mm/m, 0.02mm/m, 0.04mm/m, 0.05mm/m, 0.1mm/m, 0.3mm/m and 0.4mm/m. That is, the level bubble is placed on a 1m long straight gauge or flat plate. When there is a difference in sensitivity indication at one end, when the height difference of 1 m is h mm, the bubble will have a scale difference. The principle of level bubble is to use the bubble in the glass tube, the bubble is always kept at the highest position.

  Level bubble is a kind of measuring tool, and its packaging requirements are strict. Each level meter shall be packed in a shock proof box made of foamed material. Before packing, it shall be coated with rust proof oil and packed in a plastic bag. The shockproof box shall be packed into a strong carton or wooden case, and the specified marks shall be painted on the outside of the box. The level bubble should be stored in a dry, ventilated and non corrosive gas warehouse. Avoid falling and rain during transportation.

  The level bubble is an angle measuring instrument for measuring the inclination angle from the horizontal plane. The inner surface of the main bubble tube, which is the key part of the level bubble, is polished. The external surface of the bubble tube is engraved with scales and filled with liquid and bubbles. The main bubble tube is equipped with a bubble chamber to adjust the length of the bubble. The bubble tube is always horizontal to the bottom surface, but it is likely to change during use. Therefore, an adjusting screw is set.