Circular level bubble

Universal level bubble

Universal level bubble

Type:Circular level bubble


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  In the picture:

  (1) It is a universal level bubble shell;

  (2) Universal level foam glass cover plate;

  (3) It is the outside of the glass cover plate;

  (4) Inside the glass cover plate;

  The scale performance of the original universal level bubble is generally on (3). As long as our universal level bubble is a glass cover plate it has realized the inner marking that is on (4).

  Level bubble is an important part of leveling, which is widely used, and its accuracy directly affects the results. The scale performance of the existing universal level bubble is mostly printed on the outside of the glass cover plate. In this way, due to the thickness of the glass cover plate itself, there will be visual error during observation, which will have a certain impact on the results. At the same time, because the scale is markings on the outside, it will fall off in the high salt fog area for a long time, resulting in waste of workpiece.

  After many experiments, we adopt high-precision nano printing technology to realize the built-in calibration mark of universal level bubble, which makes it more beautiful, durable and accurate.