Circular level bubble

Universal level bubble

Universal level bubble

Type:Circular level bubble


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  Product Name: round level bubble

  Origin: China

  Color: see picture

  Product specification: Ø 25x13mm

  Product Description: round universal level bubble, highly transparent, shelf life of five years.

  Accuracy: 5 ˊ ~ 30 ˊ, suitable for various measuring instruments.

  Application object: mainly used for various surveying and mapping instruments and other leveling equipment.

  Product features

  The production of high transparent bright wear-resistant universal level, the use of international advanced mirror special materials, so that the product after molding is very thorough, horizontal direction at a glance. Fine workmanship, practical, extremely beautiful, high precision, easy to use, fast, accurate.

  Note: the accuracy of leveling bubble is also called angle value. For circular level bubble, the accuracy refers to the inclination angle of leveling bubble when the bubble moves 2 mm along any radius direction from the center of differentiation line.