Circular level bubble

level bubble

level bubble

Type:Circular level bubble


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  Main purpose:

  It can adjust the level of woodworking measuring tools, the level of factory machinery and equipment, the level of instruments, the level of PTZ, the level of medical equipment, the level of office desktop, the level of computer case and display, the level of office machine, the level of camera, the level of tripod, the level of furniture placement, the level of photo frame and mural, Adjust the level of calendar, adjust the level of toys and other places requiring high measurement accuracy can be used. The utility model can make the articles you often use convenient to adjust the level and the angle is accurate.

  Cylindrical dimensions:

  6×15mm 6×20mm 6.3×28.5mm 6.5×18mm 7×26mm 8×20mm 8×22.5mm 8×23mm 8×25mm 8×35mm 9.5×25mm 9.5×31.8mm 9.5×34mm 9.5×35mm 9.5×40mm 10×25mm 10×30mm 10×35mm 12×40mm 13×41mm 16×41mm

  Cylindrical plexiglass level bubble, transparent texture, shelf life of five years, accuracy of 30 ', can rotate around 0, 0' axis to maintain accuracy (Note: × front represents diameter, × back represents height)

  Shell color: black

  Height: 20mm

  Accuracy: 30 / 2mm

  Disc diameter: 100mm

  Material: glass

  Model: bfhd-10075

  Size: 100 * 75 * 20MM (silver shell white water silver shell green water)

  Measurement range: 1-5 degrees