alent concept: "talent is the first resource of the company"

  Enterprise spirit: "efficient, professional, United and enterprising"

  Business strategy: "talent oriented, science and technology first, market-oriented, management real, environmental protection continued"

  Enterprise tenet: "serve the society with science and technology, serve the human with environmental protection!"

  Recruitment position:

  sales manager

  Job description:

  1. Implement the company's policies and achieve the company's sales targets.

  2. Build a sales force with combat effectiveness.

  3. Build an efficient sales network.

  Sales experience is preferred. Effectively and efficiently achieve the company's long-term and short-term goals as planned.

  1. Make plans - deal with daily affairs effectively and efficiently.

  2. Establish a plan - a detailed description of each specific action step.

  3. Develop strategies - overall action plans or plans to achieve specific goals with various resources.

  4. Tactical Guidance - the daily action plan that forms the strategic plan. The family with a united team is looking forward to your joining.